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Tips on How to Buy Table Tennis Shoes - What you should know

We receive many orders for shoes on our website each week. Some of these orders, despite best intentions, get returned. Why is it so challenging to have table tennis shoes fit correctly?   Read More:



Table Tennis and the Olympics- Tokyo 2021

Table Tennis is an Olympic Sport, and there will be great excitement, with all eyes in the table tennis world, watching the action unfold at the Tokyo Olympics.   

If you live in the United States, the only way to watch live Olympic Table Tennis is through NBC, primarily  NBC plans to live stream all of the important table tennis matches.

Predictions and What look for?  Read More


High Performance Table Tennis Rubber at Value Prices – Top Five List.

Are you tired of spending $50-$60-$70 a sheet for a table tennis rubber topsheet? Here is our short list of outstanding table tennis rubber, which incorporates modern tensor – catapult – trampoline technology and is suitable to play at intermediate, advanced and even pro levels...Read More

Corporate Events – Planning Ideas – Table Tennis

Organizing a corporate event? Looking for a way to build teamwork, foster collaboration, have fun, break down barriers, socialize – Why not table tennis. Anyone Can Play – Whether you are the CFO, or an intern, 6 foot or 4 feet, female or male? It doesn’t matter...Read More

Why Buy A Premium Table Tennis Table.

There are many compelling reasons why you should spend more to buy a premium table tennis table. 1. Transportation Costs: Most table tennis tables are made outside of the USA. So transportation costs to get the table tennis table to you are high. At least $300. If you buy a $500 table, 60% or more of your purchase is tied up in transportation...Read More

Table Tennis Store

My name is Ben Nisbet, and we at TableTennisStore, are creating a bog series on Table Tennis. The purpose of our blogs is to provide you with useful and insightful advice on rubber, blades, gear, balls, tables, robots, game play strategies, and skill development...Read More

Selecting The Best Table Tennis Racket – Four Tips.

Table Tennis is a high-tech sport where fractions of a millimeter make a difference. World class table tennis athletes rip their precision rackets through the ball hitting zone at incredible speeds, only to skim the ball at the exact pixel point, producing unbelievable spin and speed. These gifted athletes use fined tuned and expensive equipment to maximize speed and spin. Ball speed – 100MPH. Spin revolution – Super High...Read More