Welcome to TableTennisStore.US!

TableTennisStore.US is a table tennis store based in New York, USA. Our partner site TableTennisNetwork.com had an Internet presence from 2006 December, and is a largely visited website by table tennis fans worldwide.

We opened TableTennisStore.US on June 1, 2008. Our store has been expanded on April 12, 2009 with 1000 table tennis products.

Our mission is to elevate your table tennis game by providing you consultation and helping you to choose the right table tennis equipments. We pick and choose table tennis products like rackets, paddles / bats, rubbers, glues, shoes, fabrics that have excellent quality and characteristics. We test the products and categorize who can use it. You may be a beginner, intermediate or advanced player. We have the right products for your game!

From our store you will receive genuine products - not duplicates or imitations. Unreliable prices? Unfair Credit Card charges? No responses from the online store for your email? Have you placed an order online and waiting it for three months to arrive from Europe or China or Japan. Be free from those headaches when you purchase from us. We'll take care of you.

We ship products to anywhere in the world. We are a family based business. We'll provide you excellent customer service by answering your questions very quickly and stand behind your purchase.

We are the official distributors of XIOM, TSP, Champion, JOOLA, TT Master table tennis products in North America. We also ship items worldwide.

- TableTennsStore.US Team