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DYNAMIC TT Textbook Table Tennis

Product Information

Two Thumbs up! We like this video. Clear format, very well shot and produced and efficiently articulated.

This DVD video, produced and articulated by, Brian Pace (USATT Certified National Coach), will help you develop the necessary acumen and skills needed to play the modern sport of table tennis.   This video is designed to build your table tennis game through systematic component-based training. This approach is intended to maximize your training time, as well as allowing you to improve rapidly. Why spend extra money on the latest equipment? Instead, invest some money in this video and some private lessons, and your game skill level will accelerate!


Textbook Table Tennis

Join DTT Premiere Coach Brian Pace as he shares his training system in the Textbook Table Tennis video. This video has been designed for players of all levels, and the primary goal is to teach you the all the necessary basic skill that encompasses the sport of table tennis.  

This training video is meant to do the following:

• Improve your understanding of each skill by using the theory of "Dynamic Harmony".
• Develop your ability to execute component-based training.  
• Increase your body's ability to play into extended rallies.  

DVD Chapters

1.  Introduction. Time:  9mins, 13 secs
2.  Forehand Counterdrive Series.  Time: 19mins, 41 secs
3.  Backhand Counterdrive. Series. Time:  12mins, 33 secs
4.  Forehand Loop Series.  Time: 15 mins 47 secs
5.  Combination Shots Series. Time:  21mins, 28 secs
6.  Underspin Play Series. Time: 8 mins, 17 secs
7.  Attacking Underpin Series. Time: 10 mins, 3 secs
8.  Serve & Serve Return Series. Time:  8 mins, 50 sec
9.  Rules of TT & Ending. Time: 6 mins, 5 sec
10. Bonus Competition Footage: Time: 16mins, 34 sec

Total Run Time: 2hrs, 8mins

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DYNAMIC TT Textbook Table Tennis - Pro Table Tennis Series Video

DYNAMIC TT Textbook Table Tennis - Pro Table Tennis Series Video

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