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BUTTERFLY Timo Boll Training - Table Tennis Video

Product Information

Learn the basic and super techniques of Timo Boll, the German table tennis star, now world top #3.

  • Forehand counter attack
  • Backhand counter attack
  • swing and footwork 
  • serves

Timo Boll (born March 8, 1981 in Erbach im Odenwald, Germany) is a German professional table tennis player who plays currently with Borussia Dusseldorf and is the German No.1 on the German Table Tennis National League. He is currently No.4 in the World Rankings as of February 4, 2009.

Timo Boll is a left-handed player whose best weapon is his forehand topspin drive but is also noted for his extremely quick backhand loop. His topical racket is the "Timo Boll Blade Series ALC" carrying his name ". His present double partner is Christian Suss.


    * 1997 Table Tennis Junior Player of the Year
    * 1998 German Tabel Tennis player of the Year
    * 2005 Bambi Sport
    * 2005 German Sportsmen of the Year 3rd position
    * 2006 Sportsmen of the Year in Hessen
    * 2007 Fair-Play-Award of Minister (Secretary) of the Interior

Home Secretary

    * 2007 German Sportsmen of the Year 2nd position
    * 2008 Sportsmen of the Year in Hessen


    * World Cup 2002 and 2005
    * Single European Champion 2002, 2007 and 2008
    * Team European Champion 2007, 2008
    * Europe Top-12 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008
    * European Super Cup 2007
    * ITTF Pro Tour (13): Brasil 2001, Austria 2002, Japan 2003, Poland, Germany and Austria 2004, Japan, Sweden and Grand Finals 2005, Denmark, China, Germany and Poland 2006
    * Double: European Championship 2002 (together with Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth), 2007 and 2008 (together with Christian Suss), Japan Open 2005 and Pro Tour Grand Final 2006 (together with Christian Suss)
    * Double: 2nd position World Championship 2005, 3rd position European Championship 2005 together with Christian Suss
    * Team: 2nd position European Championship 2000, 2002, 2003, 2nd position World Championship 2004, 3rd position World Championship 2006, 2nd position Olympic Games 2008
    * German Championship: 9-times Single-Winner (1998, 2001–2007,2009), 3-times Double-Winner (1999 together with Lars Hielscher, 2005 and 2007 together with Christian Suss 
    * Champions League: Winner 2005 and 2006 with TTV RE-BAU Gonnern
    * 3rd position Qatar and Kuwait Open Single 2007
    * 3rd position World Championship Single 2003, 2006
    * As the first German number one of the world table tennis rankings (January 2003)

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Timo Boll Training Video - BUTTERFLY Timo Boll Training dvd

Timo Boll Training Video - BUTTERFLY Timo Boll Training dvd

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