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Xiom V-Tube Table Tennis Shoe

Product Information

V-Tube: Precision, Performance, Comfort - Table Tennis Shoe from Xiom.

V-TUBE is a world class shoe designed specifically for table tennis. . The V-Tube has a patent pending technology that allows air to come in and out of the shoe for comfort and cooling. But V-Tube is much more than air flow. It is shoe designed to fit perfectly to your feet and to perform.

Shoes Available in Neon Green, or Orange Crush.

Size Chart:

The V-Tube Shoes are measured in CM with the corresponding Euro and USA sizing conversion.


24.0 38.5 6.0

24.5 39.0 6.5

25.0 40.0 7.0

25.5 40.5 7.5

26.0 41.0 8.0

26.5 42.0 8.5

27.0 42.5 9.0

27.5 43.0 9.5

28.0 43.5 10.0

28.5 44.5 10.5

29.0 45.0 11.0

The USA sizing is Men's. In general the V-Tube shoes size slightly larger for the large sizes (ie a 10.5 is closer to 11, while corresponding exactly to USA sizing on all sizes less than 27.0. If you are still in doubt as to your size, we recommend you measure your feet from ankle to toe to get the CM sizing.

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Manufacturer Specifications:

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: V-TUBE shoes are designed to let your feet move more freely and naturally, enhancing the performance of the player through natural fit.

MAXIMIZED QUALITY: XIOM paid a lot of attention to the detail of the shoes, allowing the shoe to last longer and create more enjoyable experience.

THE OUT-SOLE: The Biggest advantage and performance edge we have for the out-sole is the fact that we’ve applied new technology that most companies won’t even dare to apply. First we have 3 layers of out-sole.

V-TUBE: Comprised of Six ventilation airflow window, to keep the feet cool and dry. Rubber Stop: The side bump on the side of the outsole prevents slipping and keeps balance while moving side by side while playing.

LIGHT WEIGHT: Special composition that is physically hard in nature but very light. Through using this composition we were able to make the shoe lighter and increase durability of the shoe.

G-CELL RUBBER: Non-marking G-Cell shape is comprised of Natural rubber which increases the grip of the shoe.

AIR-WHOOSH V-Cooler enhances the air going in and out of the out-sole air tunnel, which keeps the foot dry and cool.

TRACTION BELTS: There are 4 traction parts to the shoe. We have placed them where it is most important for your foot when you play table tennis. - Forefoot - Mid-foot - Heel It keeps the player balanced and more stable when moving right and left, and front and back.

TORSION PROOF: Torsion Proof is basically a bridge that helps the front part of out-sole well attached to the heel part. Through using torsion proof we were able to maximize stability of the shoe.

INSOLE: Poor insole will hinder the quality and performance of the shoe. Despite excellent out-sole, if the insole cannot support the out-sole, all the work for out-sole can be easily become useless. Most companies don’t really care about the insole. Only expensive shoes are applied with high quality insole.

ARCH SUPPORT: Small Bump (arch) is placed in middle of the shoe to minimize tiredness or fatigue of the foot.

DEEP HEEL CUP: It wraps the Heel in order to give maximize fit INSIDE: This is Special Urethane high density rubber from Japanese’ INOAC and USA.

SHOCK ABSORB: Rogers rubber is a special composition that can absorb all the shock or physical impact more than any other rubber composition in the world

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Price: $88.00 
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Stock Data 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.5 10.0 10.5 11.0
Neon Green Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Orange Crush Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



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