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ALPHA TT Modern Table Tennis Instruction Set - Table Tennis Video

Product Information

Modern Table Tennis 101

In this highly acclaimed instruction video, five-time U.S. Men's Champion Sean O'Neill and 1991 U.S. Women's Champion Wei Wang combine their knowledge of Western and Chinese Table Tennis styles into a comprehensive course. It incorporates a sequence of steps specifically designed to quickly and efficiently learn the techniques necessary in today's highly developed sport. 

Video clips from tournaments that exemplify each stroke and its application in competition are followed by real time and slow motion analysis of Wei's and Sean's strokes, each from three different angles. 3D graphics illustrate contact points and timing from the player's view, while 3D animation is used to explain some other basic concepts.

The early chapters discuss the grip, ball, timing, spin and positioning Then, step by step, the forehand and backhand strokes are introduced in a sequence designed to lay a solid foundation for a balanced attack game. Unlike with older Table Tennis schooling, children now can immediately develop what will be their final strokes, independently from their height relative to the table, and all players learn to deal with spin early on, removing the necessity of re-learning many strokes after the initial steps have been made.

Rather than an entertainment tape, this video is a highly concentrated "stroke encyclopaedia", designed to have each section revisited as need arises. The tape includes sections on:

• The Grip
• Positioning
• The Ball
• Looping a topspin ball
• Pushing
• Looping an underspin ball
• Blocking
• Smashing
• Countering
• Footwork and practice
• Equipment

Also available in Japanese!

Modern Table Tennis 102

In the modern table tennis game, the outcome of many matches depends on which of the players controls the early part of the point better. The best counter looping or -hitting techniques will be of no use to a player who cannot get beyond the first two ball exchanges of the point. This video tape concentrates on the main points of serving and serve-receiving. It is assumed that you are familiar with the basic techniques of table tennis as they are discussed in the video "Modern Table Tennis 101". Now, Wei and Sean concentrate on deepening your understanding of the serve motion, serve strategy, receive motion, receive footwork and receive strategy. Since there are many different ways to receive a serve, all basic techniques, including pushing, dropping, flicking and sliding are covered. As in the previous tape, stop- and slow motion are used to clearly show all movements. Examples from international competitions are used to show, how each of these techniques is applied by world class players competing against each other. At the end of each main section, Wei and Sean show you practice drills designed to build consistency in that specific phase of the rally. 

Technique and strategy of the following are covered:

The Serve:

- Forehand Top- and Sidespin Serves
- Forehand Underspin Serve
- Backhand Top and Sidespin Serves
- Backhand Underspin Serve
- Serve - Attack Drills

Receiving Serves:

- Forehand receives
- Backhand receives
- Receive Drills

Rules notice: Since this program was produced, the international rules of table tennis regarding serves have been modified to state: "As soon as the ball has been projected, the server's free arm shall be removed from the space between the server's body and the net."

In some of the serves in this program, Wei's arm remains in front, which under that rule is no longer legal. All technical portions of this program remain valid, with the modification that the free arm must be pulled back after the ball is projected.

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Table Tennis Coaching Videos - Modern Table Tennis Video Instruction Set

Table Tennis Coaching Videos - Modern Table Tennis Video Instruction Set

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