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XIOM Sigma II (Two) - Euro Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

XIOM Sigma II (Two) - Euro Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Performance Rating

Speed Rating
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Spin Rating
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Product Information

Sigma II Euro – Table Tennis Rubber creates the needed energy and catapult for the advanced player. The next generation of Sigma is here!

Sigma II Euro delivers the real results for the advanced players looking to generate more speed and spin. Tour professional version of Internal Mechanic Boost (IMB) helps to control the magnitude of spin energy. Developed for professionals Sigma II Europe also shapes the trajectory according to the top player demands. Reshape your game. Buy Sigma II today.

Rubber Ratings:

Speed 94/100 Spin 98/100 Control 72/100 Sponge Hardness Medium Hard Durability 95/100

Sigma Euro with slightly softer sponge than its twin brother - Sigma Pro II. This equates to a slightly higher throw angle on topspin drives.

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Price: $52.95 
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Specifications: <specification> <speed> <lowerLimit>0</lowerLimit> <upperLimit>20</upperLimit> <low>5</low> <medium>10</medium> <fast>15</fast> <extreme>20</extreme> <dial>18.6</dial> </speed> <spin> <lowerLimit>0</lowerLimit> <upperLimit>14</upperLimit> <low>3</low> <medium>6</medium> <high>10</high> <extrahigh>14</extrahigh> <dial>13.1</dial> </spin> <hardness> <lowerLimit>0</lowerLimit> <upperLimit>50</upperLimit> <low>37</low> <medium>45</medium> <high>50</high> <dial>42.5</dial> </hardness> </specification>

Stock Data Max 2.0mm
Red Yes Yes
Black Yes Yes
XIOM Sigma Euro II - German Tensor Speed Glue Effect table tennis Rubber for Looping, Smashing, Hitting, Pushing, Spinny Serves

XIOM Sigma Euro II - German Tensor Speed Glue Effect table tennis Rubber for Looping, Smashing, Hitting, Pushing, Spinny Serves

Performance Parameter Value
Rubber / Performance / Inverted / Spin Extra High
Rubber / Specification / Sponge Hardness 41 ~ 45 degree
Rubber / Specification / Top Sheet / Hardness Soft
Rubber / Specification / Tension Technology Tensor
Rubber / Specification / Speed Glue Effect Click Sound
Rubber / Specification / Speed Glue Effect In-built Tension
Rubber / Specification / Speed Glue Effect Trampoline Effect
Rubber / Specification / Dome Effect None
Rubber / Specification / Shrink Effect None
Rubber / Specification / Tackiness Grippy
Style European

Super Rubber Itself

No need of illegal substances to boost the tension

Ultimate control - Stable control in the high-speed game is the key winning factor for the top professionals. Amazing stability of control perfected the performance of awesome speed/spin in Sigma series rubbers.

Extreme Dynamics - Built-in tension of Sigma series rubbers without any booster and speed glue already surpasses the level of tension which top professionals used to make with the huge quantity of speed glue.

Tensor BIOS Technology

Amazing Advantages

Easy-to-use and built-in

So called "Speed Glue Effect" or "Booster Effect" are the temporary performance boosting mechanisms inside of the rubber generated by the gas of volatile substances. For many years the players should be exposed to the toxic components of speed glue and should re-glue multiple times. Permanently integrated tension of Sigma series rubbers will completely eliminate these hassles.

Balanced Performance

New Technology improved the internal tension to the maximum. But to play the real game, you need more balanced performance.

  • Counter Speed - You can exceed the speed of an opponent with power.
  • Precision / Consistency - Ball aways goes to the same spot as you intended.
  • Contact Sentiment - Ball feel/sound are clear / solid to help your control.
  • Repulsion adoptability - You can more easily control the ball at touch.
  • Energy Transfer rate - You can make more speed with less force.
  • Spin Capability - Maximized N can generate more spin rotation.

Aggressive, but safe trajectory

Greatly improved Horizontal rebound force T results in higher success rate or top spin attacks. Sima series rubbers produce more curved ball trajectory because of more spin. The effective area for successful top spin path (Windows or Safe Zone) is expanded to help the success of topspin attacks and to make the players perform more aggressive / confident strokes.

Safe for the enviroment

Boosters and Speed Glues are illegal

For the true spirit of table tennis

VOC packed speed glues damage the enviroment and the health of the people. It has also been damaging the image of table tennis. Since ITTF announced the new regulation to stop the speed glue for the benefit of table tennis, as a bounce back of some habitual gluers, some boosters were introduced to the market. But boosters are still skin-irritating hazardous compounds against the spirit of new regulation. Finally ITTF also banned the boosters along with any substances other than water glue simply to attach the rubber on the blade.

The ITTF regulation 2.04.07 "The covering material should be used as it has been authorized by ITTF without any physical, chemical or other treatment, changing or modifying playing properties, friction, outlook, colour, structure, surface etc..."

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