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Butterfly Tenergy 80 - Table Tennis Rubber

Butterfly Tenergy 80 - Table Tennis Rubber

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Performance Rating

Speed Rating
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Spin Rating
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Product Information

Tenergy 80 - Versatile Rubber, Control, Speed, Spin with "Spring Sponge"

Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber possesses the ideal balance between spin and speed. Even faster than Tenergy 05 and offering the same speed as Tenergy 25, Tenergy 80 is the perfect rubber for all-round topspin play, attack and counterattack.

The Tenergy series is Butterfly flagship rubber. Tenergy is used by many of the World's best players. Tenergy originates from Butterfly's High Tension technology and their newly developed "Spring Sponge". Spring Sponge feels hard yet its new technology enables long ball drag time and high rebound. Spring Sponge is produced by the unique format of air bubbles within the sponge and the thin pimples of the highly flexible surface, enabling dynamic topspin play with heavy rotation. Tenergy will keep its speed throughout the life of the rubber without need for any special treatments.

Tenergy 80 is designed to accommodate a wide range of offensive topspin shots. Within the Tenergy Family of rubbers, all styles of play can benefit from this new technology.

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For a video review of the rubber visit You Tube Account: TTNetworkUSA or paste this URL into your browser.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 91

Spin: 93

Control: 69

Hardness: 36

Sponge Thickness: 1.9,2.1

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Price: $74.99 
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Tenergy 80

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Tenergy 80

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