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Racket Care and Maintenance - The Best On The Market

Product Information

The Racket Care and Maintenance - The Best Products for Your Table Tennis Blade - Hit & Hit

1. TSP Racket Coat – The best racket varnish. Very light so as not to change blade characteristics. Yet durable enough to “seal” and strengthen your blade. Protects wood from splintering from multiple rubber removals. We recommend light application and then remove excess with paper towel. 50 ml bottle. Purchased separately $11.95

2. Donic Vario Clean - Ideal spreadable glue. Viscous, adhesive, yet friendly on your racquet when removing. 37ML Bottle. Purchased separately $11.95

3. TSP Feather Tape – Outstanding Cloth Edge Tape to protect your racket edge from bumps and bangs. Make your blade look like a million dollars. Comes in 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm thickness. Please select size before check out. Purchased Separately $5.99

4. TSP Protector Bag – The best rubber protector product available. A front and back durable plastic bag for your racket. Help extend the life of your two rubber sheets by keeping your racket snugly inside the TSP Protector Bag when not playing. Purchased Separately $5.99

5. Xiom I-Clean w Spray: A friendly spray solution to clean and enhance the life of your rubber. We recommend usage after play and before you put your trusty and highly pampered racked in it ‘s TSP protector bag. Purchased Separately $9.99

6. TSP Mr Wiper Sponge: Nice lightweight sponge to clean your racket. Use it with I-clean spray. Purchased separately $5.99

Your racket will be happy if you purchase our Racket Care and Maintenance Bundle Solution. Remember that a “happy” Racket will likely play better for you. Buy these products in a bundle today!


TSP Racket Coat $11.95

Donic Vario Clean $11.95

TSP Feather Tape $5.99

TSP Protector Bag $5.99

Xiom I Clean with Spray $9.99

TSP Mr. Wiper $5.99

Total $51.86

Savings = $6.86. Your cost $45.00

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Regular Price: $51.86
 On Sale For: $45.00 
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Racket Care and Maintenance Table Tennis

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Racket Care and Maintenance Table Tennis