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Stiga Premier Shoes - Table Tennis Shoe

Product Information

The STIGA Premier shoes are perfect for table tennis! The design at the front gives perfect grip in length and sideways movement and the extra high outer sole gives your foot extra support even when making the fastest movements. An asymmetrical heel design provides a very stable and strong support combined with comfortable padding. White with orange and gray accent colors.

European Sizes 36-46.

  • PREMIER has specific features allowing for customised support around the arch and width accommodation through the forefoot.
  • SMS (Side Movement Support) on the outsole
  • Extra soft EVA at the forefoot of the insole for genuine floor feeling.
  • Insole with Hexagon gel support for excellent heel support.
  • EVA stabilizer for mid foot control.
  • Sorbo foam front foot absorbents for extra comfort and feeling.
  • Arch support on the insole. t tongue with support of elastic band for extra comfort.

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Price: $99.95 
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Stiga Premier Shoes

Stiga Premier Shoes

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