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XIOM Action Fit MPT-3- Womens Table Tennis Shirt

Product Information

NOTE: THESE SHIRTS SIZE 1/2 Smaller than USA sizing. If you are a USA Medium (M), then we recommend you order an L etc.

Xiom Action Fit MPT-3 Womens Table Tennis Shirt is a uniquely cut and designed table tennis shirt. Made with highly breathable “colon” fabric to absorb sweat and dry quickly. Cut to perfection to absorb table tennis arm and shoulder motion.

The Action Fit MPT-3 is cool stylish, sleek and comfortable. Style yourself on to the court and impress your opponent, your racquet and the tournament ball. You will look and feel like a pro.

Available in Yellow Made in Korea with precision and care. Enjoy.

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Table Tennis Shirt - XIOM MPT-3

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Table Tennis Shirt - XIOM MPT-3


Innovated new fabrics with fast breathing function and comfortable texture.

Drying time is so short that you can wear right from the dryer. High resiliency can endure hard repeated wash.

High Performing Superlight Textiles

XIOM apparel gears all use innovated new fabrics to maximize the performance. ATB-100, AERO COOL, COOLON, NEXILVER fabrics for XIOM apparels generally have a good breathing function and light weight. Professional table tennis players involved in active movements and heavy perspiration require these high performing fabrics.


Silver nano processed technical fabric for easier breathing and other benefits in real play.

Excellant bacteria-fighting and deodorizing performance

Nano technology developed to break the barrier of traditional materials. Silver particles are coated on the fabric to create amazing benefits in personal care and health. ATB-100 fights the bacteria and kills staphylococcus or other very tolerant bacteria and fungus. This miracle textile deodorizes your clothes by preventing germs to muliply in the lactic acid of human sweats.

Benefit to cool down your body temperature

ATB-100 has the unique sectional structure to absorb the perspiration effectively from the skin side and to release it fast to outside. This high efficiency in breathing keeps the body temperature low and provides the comfort to your skin.

Special advantages from new technology

ATB-100 discharges the long infrared rays to help your bio rhythm and block the ultraviolet rays to protect your skin. Nano silver particles promote the electric conductivity to reduce static electricity.

NEXILVER - Anti-fungal and Deodorizing

Ionized to enhance the bacteria fighting capability. Health function of NEXILVER is very high to be used for medical fabrics. Anti-fungal NEXILVER also block the germs to grow in the human sweats. It suppress the odor from heavy perspiration in table tennis game.

The functionality of NEXILVER provides a high value to table tennis apparels. Now it is a gear, not apparel.


Super lightweight series of XIOM. The weight is incomparablylight among existing table tennis shirts.

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