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All Joola Attach Combination

All Joola Attach Combination

Joola Perfection - Premium Blade & Rubber- Combo

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JOOLA Rossi Fire Blade with Forehand - Express One &  Backhand -  Explode Sensitive 

Looking to elevate your game? Go no further!   Consider this All Joola Combination - Power and Precision.  

Rossi Fire Blade – designed for offensive play. The Rossi-Fire is an all wood 7-ply blade with vibration feeling on ball contact coupled with sufficient hard wood rigidity for explosive shot-making.  Blade weight: approx. 85 g. Plies: Limba, Abachi.

Forehand Rubber:  Express One!  One of Joola’s best high tension drive rubber topsheets.  Glue it well!  This rubber is armed and ready to score points for you.  Medium hard sponge geared for drive loops.  

Backhand Rubber:  Treat her kindly!   Joola X-plode Sensitive Rubber will become your best friend when you badly need her to score a point for you!   Extremely sensitive sponge and topsheet geared for extra spin, control and placement.  

"For the Champion in You” 

Notes:  Blade - available in flared or straight, Rubber available in max thickness and 2.0  Unless otherwise specified in order notes - blade will be custom made for you with Express One Max Black on Forehand and Explode Sensitive Red 2.0 on Backhand
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Regular Price: $174.85
 On Sale For: $149.95 


Generic Double Rectangular Case
OEM Double Racquet Case
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