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ALPHA TT Pro Table Tennis Serves - Table Tennis Video

Product Information

The program shows 140 serves from 29 different international players.

We have captured the serves of some of the best players in the world during practice and present them in this program with a clarity that shows each detail in their movement and reveals the secrets of the contact.

This DVD covers serves of all styles - shakehand, penhold, right handers, lefties - and they are organized in the basic categories of underspin, topspin and no spin, with a special mention if the side spin component becomes significant. Each serve is presented at full speed, half speed and a extra-slow "analysis speed", with a pause at significant points, then one more time at regular speed. On some serves, we used a super slow motion camera, which reveals even more detail of motion. 

Serves of:

  • Ma Long
  • Wang Liqin
  • Sharat Kamal

and many other players.

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Price: $29.99 
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Table Tennis Serves Video - Pro Table Tennis Serves DVD

Table Tennis Serves Video - Pro Table Tennis Serves DVD

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