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XIOM Amazing Penholder - Table Tennis Video

Product Information

2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist Ryu Seung-min demonstrates techniques. Powerful forehand, amazing foot works, tricky serves and backhand techniques are demonstrated and explained by Ryu himself. This guide book DVD for penholder players introduces amazing penholder skills and techniques.

The techniques:

  • Forehand Basic Stroke
  • Forehand Top Spin
  • Backhand Block
  • Backhand Attack Stroke
  • Backhand Attack Stroke + Backhand Smash
  • Backhand Push
  • Forehand Push
  • Sideway Footwork
  • Sideway Footwork with topspin
  • Falkenberg Footwork (Sideway Footwork with Backhand)
  • 3 Points Footwork
  • Attack with Footwork
  • Combination of Forehand and Backhand
  • Footwork and Combination
  • Forehand Topspin and Backhand Smash
  • Variation of Direction
  • Topspin against Topspin
  • Counter Topspin
  • Service
  • Receive
  • Block against Topspin
  • Sidespin Block and Counter Attack
  • Backhand Fish and Counter Topspin
  • Service and 3 rd & 5 th ball attack
  • Receive and 4 th & 6 th ball attack 

This 80 minutes video has commentary in Korean and Japanese only.

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Ryu Seung-min Training Video - XIOM Amazing Penholder

Ryu Seung-min Training Video - XIOM Amazing Penholder

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