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TTMaster table tennis brand equipments

About TTMaster table tennis brand

From Switzerland to America

TableTennisStore.US, a US based store, distribute table tennis sporting products of the Switzerland manufacturer TTMaster in North America.

TTMaster long pips rubbers Insider and Swingback IF were favorites of players who have played frictionless long pips style game at a time ITTF banned frictionless pips. TTMaster continued to develope long pips to support the close to table frictionless long pips players.

The help came as TTMaster Fireproof, Fireproof II and Punto. These highly controllable long pips can withstand the high spin and speed of new generation rubbers like XIOM Omega series & Butterfly Tenergy series. They have the high spin reversal and deception as frictionless long pimples / pips have.