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TSP table tennis brand equipments

About TSP table tennis brand

From Japan to America

TableTennisStore.US, a US based store distribute table tennis sporting products of the Japanese manufacturer Tonomura Sporting Products (TSP) in North America.

TSP convinces with a wide variety of high quality products. With the innovative development of the "Buit-in--Power"-Rubbers with integrated speed glueing effect an alternative to speed glueing was created. Even at the beginning TSP was well-known around defensive players, because of their offer of high quality long pimple rubbers, first of all the Curl P1.

With the patented Balsa Glasfibre-System TSP developed their own blade series. The combination of the elastic Glasfibre layers and the vertical fibres of the core layer produces a circular and extremely big hitting zone. By that means the bounce of the ball becomes precise, without any vibration and with high control.

For children and juniors TSP arranged a sortiment of blades adapted for children, the TSP Light Blades. For this purpose the problem areas of the adult blades were changed into an appropriate thickness of the grip, length of the grip and transition from grip to blade.

The newly developed digital counter in combination with a software programme makes it possible, to place the match results into the internet at a time as live ticker. With the additional software programme for tournaments or league matches entire tournaments or league matches can be managed online.

For many years now TSP has supported top players, such as this year´s spanish champion Victor Sanchez, the defensive player Evgenji Chtchtetinine, the german national player Laura Stumper or the European Champion 2000 Quanhong Gotsch. Many junior players, such as the Junior European Team Champions 2005 Anna Badosa and Carmen Solichero from Spain, are playing with TSP material.

TSP is sponsoring the women first league teams TTC Langweid and TV Busenbach and the Table Tennis Association of Württemberg-Hohenzollern.

TSP was the main sponsor of the Senior World Championships 2006 in Bremen, where 3500 seniors participated, delivering altogether 184 tables and 2400 surrounds.

TSP table tennis products bring the excellence of the sports among the US players.

TSP Sponsored Players