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Gambler Outlaw - Pre-Tuned Classic - Professional Table Tennis Rubber - Cream Sponge
Price: $14.00 

1Q from TIBHAR is now available in a newer version, 1Q XD. This new version possesses a higher penetration potential. The adhering rubber surface and the harder sponge confer even more energy to the strokes realised by topspin players making no concession. 1Q XD, supported by the SPI-Advanced-Technology, is the ideal rubber for the professional players able to develop a good arm and wrist acceleration. The fast and aggressive playing characteristics are completed by the perfect link between the passive ball and the aggressive adversary strokes, resulting in outstanding precision at high speed!
Price: $58.95 

Victas V>01 Limber Power and Balance.
Regular Price: $54.99
 On Sale For: $51.99 

Xiom Omega V (Five) Pro: Exceptional Rubber for Maximum Spin and Speed. Experience the new dynamics and Win with Us!

Price: $54.99 

TIBHAR Evolution MX-P a world class high tension rubber from Japan

Regular Price: $56.95
 On Sale For: $52.95